Random stuff

Views are of course my own.

  • Research for Science should be open-access, see Plan S and an interesting article in French about publication models.
  • Do you know knowledge clustering perhaps it will change the way you write papers?
  • Slow science
  • If I have a powerful program synthesis algorithm, I’d ask it to generate a program synthesis algorithm and see if it finds itself. Can it find a strictly better algorithm with respect to time but with the same power?
  • What if we could thumbs up and thumbs down paper on ArXiv? Would good papers be rewarded or only marketable papers?

Random things about me

My ha-index is 80 or 81, I believe it is at least as meaningful as the h-index.

I love climbing, currently I mainly do it inside, feel free to chat with me about it! I really like geopolitics, I have a soft spot for romance stories . I love playing games , I almost never refuse playing. I’m currently trying to read bits of philosophy that are related to our society such as feminism for example.

Did you know? I’m French yet I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t eat cheese nor bread… I have Crohn’s disease.